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The union of a Soul with Spirit, in a Form ( flesh ); produces 'Christ-Consciousness'. "

Esoteric Christianity as it appears before and after 5th century AD; NON Biblical writings!
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My Pleroma-Universe

" Higher and Lower Psychism "

Sethians Pleroma


The Sethians were a Gnostic sect during the Roman era. Alongside Valentinianism, Sethianism was one of the main currents of Gnosticism during the 2nd to 3rd centuries. Their thinking, though it is predominantly Judaic in foundation, is arguably strongly influenced by Platonism.

   Please Note. English is not my native language.
   Quotations below are personal opinion of the author of this website and are different from the official Sethian belives. The picture on your left is used purely for reference only.

   I actually think that, the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook"; the animal elements or power of desire..., absorbing after death, after the Soul departed, that which it has collected (through its insatiable desire to live) during life, i.e. all the astral vitality as well as all the impressions of its material acts and thoughts..., forms the dregs of the animal mind; the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" or Kama rupa, this has life in it, but in varying degrees hardly any consciousness is the only spirit that is born here on this planet earth.
   For other spirits MUST engaged this animal elements or power of desire that which it has collected (through its insatiable desire to live) during life, and be drawn in theirs currents of thoughts, when as it were by proxy, the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" in order to impose on us theirs will.


So, in general I consider that archons have one thought in common. Make certain that the Souls of the Homo-Sapiens will come back to this earth, reincarnate. Archons developed a system of hijacking the Homo-Sapiens thoughts, therefore hijacking the Homo-Sapiens minds. Only a person strong "Free-Will", I rather call it free-choice, can prevent it. Archons can and do expand their own energies into our minds, and at a certain level so call " freeze " it.

   If a soul does not incarnate, it will not advance in the Soul consciousness. Therefore this Soul cannot get closer or united with The Father; the Soul must raise it’s consciousness to much much higher level from the time the Soul was born, in order to get closer to The Soul’s Father.

In general but by no means final there are 3 Levels of archonic possible hold on our minds:
   1.  Hylic personality is a person that me me and only me counts in theirs live. Taking advantage of others in any situation are their goals. Those people love wars and love to invade others so they can satisfied their urge for power. Archons love those people. Guaranteeing their souls reincarnation.
   2.  Psychic personality is a person that likes company of people similar to their own personalty. They recognize existence of spirit world, they believe in God and like to practice moral standards given to them by their religions. Bible, and other exoteric or literal scriptures translation is theirs standard. This type of people are the most, I would call attacked by the archons. Archons do not have any idea if a soul of this kind, from a psychic person will reincarnate into this world. Keep in mind; the Souls have a choice where to ( other dimansions ) or whether they should incarnate or reincarnate at all. Is up the Soul to do it.
   If a soul does not incarnate, it will not advance in the Soul consciousness. Therefore this Soul cannot get closer or united with The Father; the Soul must raise it’s consciousness to much much higher level, from the time the Soul was born, in order to get closer to The Soul’s Father.
   3.  Spiritual or Pneumatic, see: Three Types Of Humans; is a person that most likely will be excentric. This person see this world as a living hell, count me here. Loves God but often wonders about how this God is running this world. Practically lost it’s will to pray. But will pray for deceased people Souls. Have no interest in worldly desires for himself/herself. In actuality archons by theirs own nature will try to take possession of the Spiritual people minds, but archons also are willing to reveal some significant truth about the spirit world operation here on this planet earth; in practise how this world operates. The bridal-chamber is one of those revelation. Archons know that this person Soul is no longer coming back here to this world. This person Soul joined together with his/her personal Spirit/Atman will go to the level of the highest consciousness. In gnosticism it is called "The Pleroma".

See also:

1. The 7 planetary Archons. Similar to The Basilidian Gnosis, see: The Second Ruler.
   Although I do believe, this is the home to so called Yaldabaoth, which some people associate with Yahweh; The God of all exoteric religions. Totally independent, isolated, below so call portals, in NDE or near death experience, people describe it as portal(s) as tunnel(s), pathway(s) etc.

   Though "The Middle", the true Haven exsist at one higher level, above the so call portals, above the 7 planetary archons. "The Middle" is home to the Spirits of a very much higher vibration and much higher level of consciousness; comparing to archons. "The Middle" is home to The Higher God, in Jewish mysticism known under the name Elohim or El; also, "The Middle" is home to "The Source", The Father of our Souls, "The Presence" when manifested; leading Souls consciousness to "Adam-Kadmon", "Da’at" or perhaps leading the Souls consciousness all the way to "The Pleroma", home to "The Most High Father".

   Mediatorship -the "Higher Psychism" could be Divine, or act as a divinity, controlled, intelligently applied, most of the time positive, the "Higher Psychism", by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" will do positive work, good karma; like, to motivate you to be compassionate, loving, forgiving etc.
   Keep in mind that a mediator could also act as a medium for its own reasons, think (assessing, testing).

2. The 5 Archons of the abyss, on the chart. They are spirits heavier in vibration. Located above earth, but below 33,000 feet. While flying to my vacation spots, several times I did experience, broken by altitude, contact with archons.

   Mediumship -the "Lower Psychism"; in principal they are not evil, but; lack of light, blind, animal like, lack of love.
   Their love is manifested in a brutal and crude way but; pure, honest, raw animal like sexual energy, driving all life forward, do not look back, just move on forward. They impart it into all theirs activities. That, precisely what makes this world going. This pure, honest, raw, animal like sexual energy makes the human race rapidly multiply. Therefore in a sense, they are manifesting themselfs in certain type of a species, humans included; beasty in their energies, automatic, uncontrolled, some call it dark energy. If deeply upset or extremely disturbed in theirs works could become demonic; but seldom.
   Since everything IS energy; consciousness is energy, our thoughts are energy, flesh is multiple crystallized energies but combine together. All of those energies are pingable by Lower-Psychism. I kept hearing those pings, to the point that I thought that my skull will split open on the next ping and much more; for over 8 years.
   This ping feedback gives the Lower-Psychism a snapshot of the condition of all your energies at any moment. Normal people do not seem to be aware of it. I was permitted to hear this ping and much more because of my Bridal-Chamber experience status that lasted for over 8 years.
   As a consequence of it I know how Lower-Psychism is managing this world but I also know that they can do it; up to 33,000 feet. Therefore I am 100% certain that the Lower-Psychism is the one that invented and operates occults, see: Occult Holidays and Sabbats.
   There is much much more to it but I cannot talk about it. I can only give one advise to anybody; have good, true, honest intentions, works; good Karma toward other people.
   "Lower Psychism" is extremely good in extracting our own previously hidden thoughts for lust and desire for power. The "Lower Psychism", by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" could take a negative approach. It could impart into your mind, using your own previously hidden thoughts for lust and desire for power in such a way as to, it would, affect your Soul through your flesh, by instilling in your mind a thought of suicide, narcissism, extreme selfishness, being angry, reckoning it all together; bad karma, like taking advantage of people when they are the most vulnerable. Therefore guaranteeing your Soul reincarnation.



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